"I would like to thank you for arranging these events. Please pass my thanks on to all the assessors. That one day really helped me put things into perspective and the observed ride feedback was extremely helpful." More...

Meet the Trainers

Bruce Wingrave

 Been riding motor bikes since I was sixteen. Had a few years break, went off driving  lorries, and returned to biking around 2000 when I got a London based job and didn’t like taking the train. Quickly found I needed more training to stay alive.. Did the IAM but found it didn’t deliver enough, then was introduced to Be A Better Biker, became an instructor and the rest is history!

Now, I am helping others realise their potential and having fun at the same time and helping BaBB to become the preferred training programme of choice for riders in Britain. 

Currently IAM, PTTLS Level 4, RMPT Level 4 trained, of course BaBB Instructor qualified, present for a leading motoring organisation delivering different motoring courses, HGV 1 driver and assessor and run a small telecoms company. Yes fingers, pies, many!  I don’t sleep much, as the Mrs frequently reminds me!

Pat Coneley

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t into bikes; I was the first kid on the block to have a twist grip gear change on my pushbike so I could pretend it was a proper motorbike. Like most of us I took the DSA test at 16 and progressed through small bikes, to big bikes, had a few scrapes, collected a few penalty points but never lost that essential thrill that comes with biking.
It finally dawned on me that I really did need some decent training, did my IAM test and never looked back eventually becoming an observer and then a trainer for BaBB!

Currently riding a VFR,  ZX9R or GSX-R and still learning every day.
Favourite road…… The Nurbergring of course!


Ben Graham

I have been riding bikes for 30 years (off-road before on-road), and hold advanced qualifications for both car and bike with the IAM and RoSPA.  As well as working for Be a Better Biker, I am a volunteer observer at a local IAM bike group. Day job is fleet driver training for all kinds of vehicles – bikes, cars, vans, lorries and buses – which can be anything from vehicle familiarisation to existing driver/rider development for advanced test preparation.  Really enjoy a track day now and again (favourite track Cadwell Park), and I've even survived the Nurburgring on an open access day, have the stickers to prove it!

 Tim Smithson

 I have been riding and driving since 1980 and as a young rider, I realised the  importance of training being a continuous activity, and not just a once only Pass/Fail outcome.

I become an Advanced Driver and Rider with the IAM, (Institute of Advanced Motorists) in 1992 and 1999 respectively, and whilst in HMForces, I also became experienced with several different Military vehicles.

In 1999 I qualified as an Observer and Senior Observer with the IAM, putting back into training all that that I had received by his former Instructors. In 2005 I completed an NVQ Level 4 Advanced Motorcycle Instructors Course and in 2006 I worked with Thames Valley Police as a Police Driving Instructor teaching "Blues and Twos" response driving to Officers, and is an Approved Instructor with Bucks County Council.

Mark Kershaw

I have been riding bikes since the age of 10, starting off on field bikes over my gramp’s farmland, progressing on to road bikes when legal.

I became an Instructor in 1987 when the test consisted of part 1 & 2 tests, continuing for eight years in my spare time outside of work.  I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to assist people through their tests and out into the big ‘biking’ world.

Four years ago I decided I needed a new challenge, so undertook training towards my Advanced Rider Training course, along with my advanced test, which allowed me to register on the Post Test Motorcycle Training register.  Since that time, I have been an Instructor with Be a Better Biker, working in both Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  Each new session brings diversity and challenges, but above all, I enjoy helping people onto the next level of biking.

Tony Griffiths

I am currently a serving police officer with Thames Valley Police but before joining the police in 1998 I became an advanced motorist in 1991 with the IAM acting as observer for both cars and motorbikes. I joined the Roads Policing Department in 2000 and achieved police class one driver and motorcyclist. I have many years experience in police advanced motorcycling being a full time motorcyclist on the ANPR Team and a member of the Special Escort Group. Since 2001 I have been an examiner in advanced driving and motorcycling for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and have been an instructor with Bucks Better Biker from its first year.

Conrad Lee

"I have been riding motorbikes since I was at school and my first road bike was a Suzuki AP50 (I know it is a moped but we have all got to start somewhere). Passed my test and progressed through different bikes and engine sizes to a Suzuki GSX1400  which I currently ride all year round, but also recently treated myself to a Kawazaki ZZR1400 (Green Meanie)
I am a serving Thames Valley Police Officer and hold a class 1 advanced Police motorcycle licence. I am also a member of IAM for both cars and motorcycles.
The best thing about "Be a better biker" is meeting like minded people who want to improve their riding in a friendly atmosphere".

Amanda Coneley

I took up biking in 2000, but lost interest after a couple of years because I didn’t know any other bikers. I started again in 2006 when I agreed to go on a motorcycle trip to Italy, in order to impress a bloke, forgetting to mention to him that I hadn’t ridden for 4 yrs - it worked out well however as we went back a year later for our honeymoon!
Wanting to improve my biking, I joined a local IAM club, and after I passed my advanced test I took further training to become an observer, so I could coach other bikers with their IAM advanced test.
I am now an instructor with BaBB, and love meeting so many different bikers. I enjoy ensuring everyone I take out gets the most out of their day and unlike all these blokes, my training rides include tea and cake stops!

Stewart Glover

I've been a biking enthusiast for over 30 years and hold an advanced qualification with the IAM. I am always keen to improve my riding skills and over the years have done everything from  Police assessments days to California Superbike School and am presently extending my advanced riding skills by participating in the BaBB instructor training program working towards becoming a fully qualified RMPT Motorcycle Instructor.
As well as working with  Be a Better Biker, I am an avid VR46 fan and enjoy a good track day.

Richard Medway

I started on bikes the day I was 16 (which, was a long time ago)and by the time I was 16 and a half, I had passed my test which meant in those days you could ride anything so I went out and bought a customised Triumph 650, with loads of race extras. When my mother saw it, she nearly had kittens, and told me to take it back(which I never did).
After a career in Farm Management I joined Thames Valley Police in 1994 and joined the Roads Policing Department just over 10 years ago.  I am an advanced Police car driver and I have been an Advanced Police motorcyclist for nearly 10 years.
I currently ride a Triumph Tiger 1050 and before this I had a couple of Triumph 1050 Sprints and a Honda Blackbird and Kawasaki's.  I have done a Motorcycle "tour" every year for the last 8-9 years to the south of France or more recently to Scotland (which is cheaper and has some equally stunning roads and scenery!
I look forward to assisting Be a Better Biker with their courses and I believe I have something to offer to try and reduce motorcyle casualties that I see far too often in my "day job".

Mark Richards

I have been riding for a number of years and was one of the first instructors to complete the Level 4 OCN qualification, I have been involved with the ‘Be a Better Biker’ initiative from the start, I really enjoy all aspects of the Motorcycle experience from Track days to touring !

As a part time role I am a Watch Manager for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue at Waddesdon Station, which means....  I am qualified to drive Fire appliances on ‘Blues and Twos’


Nigel Spencer
Roads Safety Officer, Bucks County Council /  Transport for Bucks

Been a road safety officer for 13 years also Chairman of Road Safety GB South East region, before that ran a couple of pubs in Devon for 10 years.
Been lead officer on motorcycling for Bucks CC since 2004
Happy and proud to be part of the BABB group assisting in it's progression, my, have we moved on over the years, reducing motorcycle casualties along the way.
Keen speedway fan & have completed a 3 day training course at Kings Lynn speedway track, those bikes have no brakes you know!


Keith Wheeler 
Road Safety Manager for Bucks Fire & Rescue Service
I'm one of those 'Born Again Bikers' that make road safety campaigners have forty fits!
Passed my bike test in 1977, rode to school for a while then moved on to cars, like yer do. Got the urge to ride again a few years back, but had a couple of trikes while I made sure I wasn't just having another midlife crisis! Finally admitted that I craved two wheels again and bought myself a Harley (sorry) in late 2009 and now remember just how alive I feel when riding!
More than happy to commit my organisation's support for BABB, in any way we can, it's a great scheme.