"I would like to thank you for arranging these events. Please pass my thanks on to all the assessors. That one day really helped me put things into perspective and the observed ride feedback was extremely helpful." More...

Be A Better Biker Trainers

Motorcycle trainers have a passion for riding motorcyclesThe common bond for the training staff is that we have a passion for riding motorcycles and additionally passing these skills onto others. We have a diverse group of trainers who have enjoyed some of the very best motorcycle and instructor training available. We have a number of retired former police riders as well as some serving ones and the grey hair is about the only give away really, although we still think we are 18 most of the time.

Some of our trainers are full time employed within the driver training industry for both cars and motorcycles and all hold suitable instructor qualifications. The most important element is that we all have a passion for riding and want to impart this to you. As bikers we all have to start somewhere and over time we build up and improve our knowledge and skills to a higher level and some of our trainers actually started with us by completing a bike training course and then moved onto do more as well as an instructors course.

Many of the trainers are associated with some of the well known organisations such as RoSPA and the IAM, in addition they are on the register of Post Test Trainers and can assist you with completing the Enhanced Riders Assessment operated through the DSA as this can assist with reducing Insurance premiums. Speak with the training team if you require any of these additional services.

We have a relaxed less formal style of training so that the training remains enjoyable and relevant. So why not find out for yourself and come and meet with us. Contact us...